Musgo Real

Musgo Real Gift Set of Mini Soaps 5x50g

Musgo Real

Musgo Real Gift Set of Mini Soaps 5x50g

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This Musgo Real Soap Collection Gift Box is the perfect way to discover all four of the line’s exquisite masculine body soaps: classic scent, oak moss, spiced citrus and orange amber, plus a very special guest. This elegant black box contains five 50gr Musgo Real Soaps.

The perfect gift for all soap lovers and Musgo Real aficionados.

The Musgo Real Soap Collection is the best way to discover our five masculine lines: Classic Scent, Oak Moss, Spiced Citrus, Orange Amber and Black Edition. Five different moods in one elegant gift box.

Classic Scent Olfactory Pyramid

Musgo Real Classic Scent is our most emblematic scent. It combines earthy patchouli with the citrus tang of bergamot and neroli. At its heart, there’s a robust, aromatic mix of lavender and violet on a base of vetiver and warm musk.

TOP NOTE: Patchouli - Neroli - Bergamot

HEART NOTE: Lavender - Violet - Woody Notes

BASE NOTE: Vetiver - Musk

Oak Moss Olfactory Pyramid

Musgo Real Oak Moss is a deep and distinctive scent that combines aromatic lime and coriander with a woody core and understated layers of spice and hay. The result is simultaneously invigorating and comforting.

TOP NOTE: Lime - Coriander Heart

HEART NOTE: Spices - Hay

BASE NOTE: Woody Notes - Oak Moss

Spiced Citrus Olfactory Pyramid

Musgo Real Spiced Citrus is a scent for the daring: an oriental fougère that blends exotic spices with tangy citrus to create a dynamic and stimulating fragrance. The profusion of spices and incense creates lingering hints of tropical heat, balanced by undercurrents that are crisp and clean.

TOP NOTE: Lime - Coriander - Lemon, Verbena

HEART NOTE: Hot Spices

BASE NOTE: Woody Notes - Incense

Orange Amber Olfactory Pyramid

Musgo Real Orange Amber is an instant energizer: a bright, fresh scent packed with summer sunlight. It features sweet lavender, fresh lemon, mandarin and orange blossom, all grounded on a base of musk and warm amber.

TOP NOTE: Petitgrain

HEART NOTE: Lemon - Lavender

BASE NOTE: Orange Blossom - Musk

Black Edition Olfactory Pyramid

Musgo Real Black Edition challenges conventions. Expertly fashioned around a base of vetiver and cedar, patchouli and sweet tonka; at its dark heart is a seductive blend of ganache and exotic spice combined with zesty top notes from juniper, lemon and bergamot.

TOP NOTE: Bergamot - Lemon - Juniper berries

HEART NOTE: Cacao - Nutmeg - Cardamom

BASE NOTE: Vetiver - Patchouli - Cedar - Tonka bean